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Naming Ceremonies

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Baby naming ceremonies are a great way to celebrate and welcome the newest addition to your family. Although it is not religious, it is still a personal, family-friendly occasion full of happiness and laughter. Every baby naming ceremony I conduct, whether it be a traditional, bespoke or birthday option, is special and I always strive to meet the individual needs and wishes of every family.


Like other celebrant-led ceremonies, you have the flexibility to create the perfect day for your family. I can help you to include any naming ceremony ideas you may have. You can hold the ceremony wherever you wish, involve other members of the family such as the grandparents, and you can incorporate your own selection of songs, words or poems. The possibilities are truly endless!

What is a naming ceremony?

A naming ceremony is a non-religious alternative to a christening. It is a special and unique way to celebrate and announce the arrival of your child. Naming ceremonies are an acknowledgement of your achievement and a way of celebrating the new addition to your family unit. Your baby naming ceremony can include grandparents, siblings or even celebrate a blended family (children from separate partners). It can also be used to welcome an adopted child into the fold.

What happens during a naming ceremony?

You can include whatever elements you’d like to your child’s naming ceremony. It can be written specifically for them and can include poems, readings, songs, music and parental promises. You can also incorporate symbolic gestures or rituals, such as lighting candles or individual prayer. 


You might decide to choose a naming ceremony over a Christening if you or your partner are not religious, or your chosen guardians are not religious (something which is usually a prerequisite for traditional Christenings). Because you are choosing to use a celebrant to conduct your naming ceremony, you can hold the event wherever you wish; in a village hall, hotel, forest or even in your own home! During the ceremony, a special commemorative certificate is signed and presented to the parents by the celebrant.


Why should I choose a celebrant-led naming ceremony for my baby?

By choosing a celebrant to officiate your baby naming ceremony, this means that the occasion will be unique to your family and will include as much personal information as you wish. A celebrant will take time to get to know you and work closely with you to carefully craft a beautiful, bespoke naming ceremony that reflects your ideas and family values. 


Celebrants also tend to be reasonably priced, compared with a registrar. Although registrars are capable of hosting the ceremony for you, they’ll often come with a pre-written script that will not include any of the personal words or poems that you might want to include. With registrars, you are also liable to pay the council's standard attendance fee, which is a similar price as what you’d pay for a wedding, making this a very expensive option compared with celebrants!

Are you looking for a celebrant to conduct your child’s naming ceremony?

If you need a celebrant that will match your vision and budget, then look no further! I work with families across the North West and the rest of the UK to create and present personal baby naming ceremonies. I can suit whatever requirements you have and I can also conduct at home in the UK or abroad. Why not get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation, to see how we can create the perfect ceremony together!

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