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Civil Ceremonies

Image by Nick Karvounis

You may be thinking, what is the difference between a civil ceremony and a wedding? Unlike
the traditional, and often restrictive, wedding ceremony, civil ceremonies allow you the flexibility
and freedom to plan the perfect day exactly how you and your partner want.
If you’re looking for a unique and personal service for your civil ceremony, then why not choose
a celebrant to help you plan? I've worked alongside couples across the Northwest, the rest of
the UK and abroad to create their dream ceremony. Whatever ideas you have, no matter your
budget, as your chosen celebrant I’ll make that the event is an unforgettable experience.

What happens at a civil ceremony?

A civil ceremony gives you the freedom to plan the day exactly how you want. When you
choose a celebrant-led service, they will write a bespoke and personal ceremony to suit both of
you as individuals, incorporating aspects which may be of special significance and meaning to

each of you. Your civil ceremony can include songs, poems, readings from family and friends,
and even incorporate blessings if you wish. Non-religious, multi-faith or part-religious elements
can all be included and respected.

Where can the ceremony be held?

Choosing a celebrant to conduct your civil ceremony or civil partnership also gives you total
freedom on where you want the service to be held. You can decide exactly where and when you
want the ceremony to take place. Civil ceremony venues come in all shapes and sizes, from
country houses and barns to hotels and restaurants. If you want to hold your ceremony abroad,
most celebrants will accommodate this too.

The legalities

Before your celebrant-led civil ceremony begins, to be legally partnered you will have to visit
your local Register Office. This only requires the two of you and a few witnesses to attend a
short ten minute service, and once the formalities have been completed, you are free to enjoy
the civil ceremony of your dreams!

Wedding Day

I’ve been conducting civil ceremonies across the UK for happy couples

I’ll work closely with you both to discuss your ideas and dreams, and how we can turn them into
a unique and personal civil ceremony. Whether you want a completely non-religious ceremony
or want to include a few religious elements, or if you want to hold your ceremony abroad, rest
assured that I’ll make your day a special one to remember. Get in touch for a no-obligation
consultation today!

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