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Other Ceremonies

As a celebrant, I can conduct a selection of unique ceremonies across Manchester, the UK and anywhere in Europe. Whether it’s a civil ceremony, vow renewal, baby naming ceremony or incorporating traditional handfasting into your special day, I’ll ensure it is a personal, meaningful and unique event for all those involved. 


Take a look below at just some of the services I offer, and why choosing a celebrant to conduct your ceremony will make the event an unforgettable experience!

Naming Ceremonies

Newborn Baby

Baby naming ceremonies are a perfect way to celebrate the birth or adoption of your child, as they are a great alternative to a religious christening. Every naming ceremony, whether you choose a standard, classic, bespoke or birthday option, is special and will meet the individual needs and wishes of your family. 


There are many ways to make your child's ceremony a very personal, meaningful and unique event for all those involved. Because you are choosing to use a celebrant to conduct your naming ceremony, you can hold the event wherever you wish! In a village hall, hotel, forest or in your own home; the possibilities are endless! 

Your naming ceremony can be specially created using your own selection of words, either from the wide selection we provide or from other sources. You can also choose to include personal stories or poems, and I can also involve siblings, grandparents or any other supporting adults in the ceremony. During the ceremony, a special commemorative certificate is signed and presented.

Civil Partnerships & Ceremonies

Civil Partnership

Unlike the traditional (and sometimes restrictive) wedding ceremony, civil ceremonies and partnerships allow you the freedom to plan your dream day exactly how you want! I can write your bespoke and personal ceremony to suit both of you as individuals, using words which are of special significance and meaning to each of you.


Your civil ceremony can include songs, poems, readings from family and friends, and I can even incorporate blessings if you wish. Non-religious, multi-faith or part-religious elements can all be included and respected. Choosing a celebrant to conduct the service total freedom to design the format of your special day, including the location.

You can decide exactly where and when you want the ceremony to take place. I can incorporate anything you desire to make your day perfect!

Vow Renewal

Wedding Rings

Renewing your vows in a celebrant-led ceremony is the perfect opportunity to share the strength of your bond and partnership with your family and friends. You don't need a reason to renew your vows, perhaps you simply want the world to know you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat! 


I’ll work closely with you both to discuss your ideas and dreams, and how we can turn them into a unique and personal ceremony. Whether you want a completely non-religious ceremony or want to include a few religious elements, I’ll make your day a special one to remember!


hands together

Wiccans and Pagans have embraced handfasting as a part of their wedding ceremony, making a commitment for ‘as long as love shall last.’ There are many variations of the traditional handfasting. After you both declare your intent to enter into this union, your hands are clasped and fastened together with a cord. The handfasting knot that is tied is a symbolic representation of oneness between the couple. In a show of unity, they become bound to each other.


I can create a variety of handfasting ceremonies which can be tailored to suit the couple and also incorporated as part of a wedding ceremony, a vow renewal or to simply seal a friendship or partnership. Traditionally Handfasting ceremonies will be held outdoors, amongst nature and with guests standing around the couple in a circle of love. However, like other celebrant-led ceremonies, the event can be created to suit your preferences, including location.

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