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Vow Renewal Ceremonies

A Kiss

Celebrant-led vow renewal ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to share the strength of your
bond and partnership with close friends and family. If you and your partner have happy
memories from your big day, and often wish you could relive the cherished occasion all over
again, then why not consider renewing your vows? You don't need a reason to do so, but
perhaps you want to let the world know that you'd both do it all over again in a heartbeat!


As your chosen celebrant, I’ll work closely with both of you to discuss your plans, ideas and
dreams, and how we can turn them into a unique and personal ceremony for the occasion.
From the initial ideas, to the wording and location, I’ll be with you every step of the way to
ensure that your vow renewal ceremony is a special one to remember!

Why should I renew my vows?

There are many reasons why a couple might decide to renew their wedding or civil partnership
vows. Most see vow renewal ceremonies as a way of celebrating their marriage for a second
time, as it is a lovely way of remembering your special day all over again.

Significant milestones in your relationship, such as a wedding anniversary or the birth of a child
can be a great time for renewing your vows. You may also decide that you want to include your
children in this second ceremony, as they may not have been born when you first said “I do.”


You may not have a reason for wanting to renew your vows, you may simply want to relive the
happy memories or reaffirm the love you have for one another. There are some cynical opinions
surrounding the necessity of vow renewal ceremonies, but don’t let this put you off. As long as
you and your partner are happy, there is nothing stopping you!

Where can I renew my vows?

Wedding Aisle

As they are not legally binding ceremonies, there are no licensing restrictions on vow renewal
ceremonies. That means you can hold your ceremony anywhere you like! Most couples choose
to hold their vow renewal ceremony in a location that has special significance to their
relationship, such as the place they first met or got engaged.
However, significance doesn’t necessarily matter; if you wanted to hold your ceremony in a
bowling alley, you can do it! If you need some vow renewal ideas for locations, here are a few

● Woodland forest
● A Garden
● Beach
● Your original wedding venue
● Public park
● Restaurant
● A stately home

Just remember that if you do hold your vow renewal ceremony in a public space, you must
check to see whether you require permission and if there are rules about noise levels and
alcohol consumption.

Why should I choose a celebrant to conduct the ceremony?

Most vow renewal ceremonies are conducted by a celebrant to make the occasion more formal.
A celebrant will take time to get to know you and work closely with you to carefully craft a
beautiful, bespoke ceremony that reflects your ideas, values and personalities.


They can help you in writing the wording for the vow renewal ceremony, making sure they
encompass everything that you and your partner want to reaffirm to one another. Celebrants
can also include religious elements in the service if needed.


Celebrants are also very flexible when it comes to travelling. Due to the freedom you have when
it comes to the location of your ceremony, most celebrants will be happy to travel from one end
of the UK to another to attend the occasion. Some are even willing to travel abroad if need be!

The Happy Couple

Are you looking for a UK-based vow renewal celebrant?

I’ve worked closely with couples across the North West and the rest of the UK to create and
present heartfield vow renewal ceremonies. If you need a celebrant that will match your vision
and budget, then look no further! I offer a selection of unique and personalised ceremonies that
I can conduct at home in the UK or abroad. Why not get in touch today for a free no-obligation
consultation, to see how we can create the perfect ceremony together!

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