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You’re getting married! If you’re looking for a unique and personal ceremony for your special day, then why not choose a wedding celebrant to help you achieve this? I’ve worked closely with couples across Manchester, the rest of the UK and Europe to create their perfect wedding ceremony. No matter the budget or size, by choosing me as your wedding officiant you can have your all romantic dreams come true!

Why should you choose a celebrant for your wedding ceremony?

With a celebrant-led wedding ceremony, the only thing that will limit you is your own imagination! You have the freedom of choice in creating a beautiful, bespoke ceremony that will be completely unique to you. A celebrant will take time to get to know you and work closely with you to carefully craft a beautiful, bespoke ceremony that reflects your ideas, values and personalities and can include:


  • A family tradition

  • An acknowledgement of your culture or heritage 

  • Anything that encapsulates you as a couple

If you choose me to officiate your wedding ceremony, I’ll visit and work closely with you and your partner to discuss your ideas and dreams to create a unique and personal ceremony. Whether you want a completely non-religious ceremony or want to include a few religious elements, I’ll make your day a special one to remember!

Where can my ceremony be held?

Wedding Reception

As you have the freedom to choose what you want your wedding to be like, there are countless options for where it can be held. From a country house to a favourite pub, a local park, a beach or even your own back garden! 


Celebrant wedding ceremonies are also a perfect choice should couples wish to get married in a quiet ceremony abroad and then have a big celebration with family and friends back home. Wherever you choose to hold the ceremony, rest assured that I’ll be flexible with your choice of location.

The legalities

In England and Wales, you must be legally married first before you have your celebrant-led ceremony. This can be achieved by having a basic ten-minute ceremony in your local Register Office, and it only requires the two of you and a few witnesses to attend. Once the formalities have been completed you are free to enjoy the wedding ceremony of your dreams!

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